You know that walking has unlimited benefits to your body & mind. 

But it's hard to stay motivated to keep it up.

With Accountability Box, walking more becomes...

Compete against yourself (or a friend!) each month - Up Your Average to win!


When you meet your goal, you win a prize - the mystery box filled with helpful and fun goodies!


Get to know and share with our amazing, supportive, and welcoming community.


With a coach to cheer you on, and a prize on the line - you'll no longer put off those extra steps!


Download the app
and link your favorite fitness tracker.


Chat with your coach in the app to choose your goal.


Walk, hit your goal and your box is on it's way!


Chat with your coach to decide if you want to keep your goal the same or up it again the next month.


  • View your steps and averages

  • If you wish, track your food, water, and weight as well!

  • Chat with your Super Motivational Coach
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Rewards are Carefully Selected each Month 

Each month you'll receive FIVE gifts that fall into carefully crafted categories
designed with you in mind, to keep you motivated and moving!


Each month includes a small surprise to help motivate and inspire you to keep doing your best!


To help reduce mindless snacking and increase your fun, we send a monthly gift that keeps your hands and mind happily occupied.


Each month we send you a new treat for on-the-go (to fuel your walks!). You may discover your new favorite snack or meal replacement.


Small solutions for the times you just want to munch. Try out new gums, mints and more that will help curb your calories week over week!


Destress, renew, and relax!
From essential oils to lotions and candles, every month we send a new product that helps relax & revitalize you!

...and MORE

When you sign up you're instantly invited to join our amazing community in our Motivational Facebook Group. Join us and start chatting, getting inspired and making friends right away!

Chances are, we got you.

Our App works with MANY Fitness Trackers! We only need to be able to track your STEPS.
For a highly detailed PDF of compatibility, click the button below.


F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren't answered below, don't hesitate to reach out and ask us! 
We're happy to help.

What goal do I need to reach?

You decide! We like to aim for 10% more than your average to start but if you want you can aim higher or lower - it's up to you. We just encourage you to choose a goal that makes you work a little harder to slowly build your steps and long-term healthy habits. 

How much is this program?

Just $59.95/month for the combination of the app, a personal coach and box of goodies. Also, there are no contracts or hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

Can I set a different goal other than a steps goal?

We do offer other packages with different pricing structures. (Weight, cardio, sleep, water). Cost start at $97/mo.

How often do I chat with my coach?

Your coach will help get you started, check in with you periodically and check to be sure you met your goal. Coaches chat during business hours - Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST. But this doesn't mean you can't message your coach anytime and they'll get back to you ASAP. Also, be sure to engage in the amazing Facebook Group for daily tips, tricks and camaraderie! 

How do we choose the steps goal?

Once your fitness tracker is linked to our app we can see your average step count. The first week of the following month we check the average step count to ensure it's above the goal you set. If you meet it, you win your prize and it will be mailed to you promptly! 

Which fitness trackers link to the app?

Here is a list of apps that work - please check that yours has a check box in the "Steps" column. 

When is my box shipped?

Boxes are shipped 4th of each month to those who reach their goals.

I want to Walk It >>> Forward. Can I choose to have my box shipped to someone outside the U.S.?

At this time, we can only ship boxes inside the Continental United States. 

When do I get my first box?

Right away! The first month, everyone gets a welcome box. Next, the clock is ticking for you to meet your new goal - get to stepping! 

How and when are payments processed?

Payments are automatically processed every 30 days through a secure Stripe transaction. Cancel anytime.

Can I change my steps goal?

Yes. If it is truly showing to be too difficult to reach your goal as you get started, you can change your goal ONE TIME, as long as it's on or before the 15th of the month.

What if I forget to wear my fitness tracker or lose it?

You still have till the end of the month to reach your average. By increasing your steps even higher on any days that weren't tracked by one of your fitness apps, you can still meet your average. 

If you lose your tracker and don't want to use an alternate app or tracker, you can always cancel your subscription and restart when you're ready to go again.

I want to Walk to >>> Give. How do I know which charity is being supported?

We talk all about this regularly in our Facebook Group, join us to learn more. 

What if I miss my goal when I'm Walking to Give?

We specifically pull funds from those who reach their goals to buy items to donate to the current cause or charity. In the spirit of keeping you motivated to reaching your goal, anyone who doesn't meet their goal won't get the satisfaction of adding to the monthly pile of goodies we share in or Facebook Group that we are donating from their proceeds. The money will instead be used for advertising in order to get more people Walking to Give and helping the cause more in the long run. 

Money Back Guarantee

We are in the business of helping people become happier and healthier. If you aren't happy with the program, you can cancel anytime.

Also, if you start a month and decide to stop before it's finished, we're happy to provide you a full refund for that month, no questions asked. 



“This program makes walking sooo much more fun! My husband and I signed up together we each walk to win a box for each other. The boxes are totally awesome, but what is even more fun is to joke with each other all month long about, 'you better get stepping so I can get my box!' Haha! ”

Accountability Box, Walk It >>> Forward Clients

“With a coach at the helm with their motivational and creative skill set, you’re sure to achieve your goals!”

Successful Weight Loss Client

“I'm so conscious of taking more steps all day every day now! It's so motivating to know that someone else is monitoring me, and I can't wait to get my box each month! The items in each box are great for trying out new things I never would have bought myself, and of course it feels great to get rewarded for all my hard work!”

Accountability Box, Walk to >>> Win Client

“I couldn't have done it without this program! I had been losing a little bit here and there for months, but it was always so easy to say, 'Tomorrow', I kept gaining more back here and there too. Having a set timeline finally helped me focus and kept me from pushing off my walks which then kept me from wanting to eat poorly. On my 15th wedding anniversary, I was able to fit back into my wedding dress!!"”

Successful Weight Loss Client